Tipping Facilities

Fully Licensed by SEPA

Like many of our services, Yuill & Dodds have tipping facilities throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. All facilities are fully licensed by SEPA, have full planning consent and are supervised by professional personnel with WAMITAB certification. Our tipping facilities are available for both small and large projects and we are happy to offer advice to clients at any time as well as provide quotes which can be based on tonnage or a ‘line a load’ price. We currently have fully licensed sites in Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Stirling and Kilmarnock, all with full planning consent. Tipping facilities are an efficient way to dispose of any unwanted waste that could potentially cause a hazard or affect the efficient running of your business.

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Cost Effective Waste Disposal

Concentrating Waste in a Single Location

Our tipping facilities are a useful way for you to get rid of waste materials such as metals, woods, plastics as well as general waste, glass, paper and cardboard. Some of the other waste disposal services we offer include temporary storage, consolidation and transfer, or processing of waste material. This processing can involve sorting, treatment or recycling of waste. Whether you have hired one of our tippers, are a 3rd party tipper or a man in van operator, our tipping facilities are available to use. When you arrive at one of our sites you will speak to a member of our customer service team who will direct you to the correct plot of land for your waste. Tipping facilities are a useful form of waste disposal as they concentrate waste in a single location. They are also often the most cost effective way to dispose of waste because they have fewer fixed costs.
There have been many legislative changes in recent years in the UK which have focused more attention on tipping facilities and the process of waste disposal. This has resulted in greater order and processing structures being put in place to ensure all waste is handled appropriately and efficiently. At Yuill & Dodds, we strive to ensure our tipping facilities are maintained to an efficient and reliable standard. All of our staff work to the highest standards and are committed to ensuring your waste is properly designated and administered so you can return to the effective management of your business and there is no lasting harm to the environment. If you have any more questions about out tipping facilities then feel free to contact us on 01698 720700 or submit a query on the Contact Us page and we will respond within 24 hours.

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