Material Removal and Supply

Inert & Contaminated

At Yuill & Dodds Ltd, we have the experience, expertise and resources to carry out small and large-scale inert & contaminated material removal operations and are always happy to offer advice on any aspect of this area. We are a licensed SEPA waste carrier and provide duty of care waste transfer and disposal notes on all removal contracts to provide assurance to clients. Yuill & Dodds Ltd also carries out small-scale projects and is pleased to advise on any aspects of inert & contaminated excavation and removal.

The advantages for your business include space being freed up on your worksite as well as with your time, allowing you to focus on what matters. We remove inert and contaminated material and much more to ensure your business runs efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. Our workmen are fully qualified and highly skilled to carry out our inert and contaminated material operations with professionalism, reliability and efficiency. Their knowledge and experience means they can answer any questions you may have about the process to put you at ease. Removing contaminated materials can be a complicated and stressful process which is why it is important to have experts on site who can handle this area comfortably and effectively. We then dispose of any inert and contaminated material at one of our designated, SEPA-licensed sites. This ensures all waste is disposed of safely and efficiently with no cause for worry. As a licensed waste carrier with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, we are in the perfect position to dispose of these materials safely and smoothly.

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Material Removal and Supply

Range of Materials Delivered in Bulk

At Yuill & Dodds, we are proud of the extensive range of products and services we offer. Whatever material you may require in bulk, whether it is topsoil, demolition, sand, gravel, ash or something else, we can supply it. If you need any help and assistance with more information on the best material for you then do not hesitate to contact us. After all, the type of material you use could make an indelible impression on your clients and customers because of the change in your property’s appearance. All of our materials are transported by our vehicle fleet which includes long distance articulated units to rugged off-road eight wheelers to ensure our delivery is consistently on time and reliable for you. This allows our customers to get on with the task of running their businesses, saving them time and money and also reducing environment impact.

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