Meeting your Haulage Requirements

At Yuill & Dodds, we can supply haulage only quotes no matter how big or small your consignment is. Whether it is bulk materials or palletised as well, we have a range of vehicles and trailers that can take care of the job and ensure your goods are delivered where they need to be when they need to be. Whatever your haulage requirement, Yuill & Dodds is the company to call. The majority of our transportation vehicles are Scania but we also operate Volvo, DAF, Iveco and Mercedes, highlighting our commitment to provide a guaranteed reliable and efficient service.

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A Range of Haulage Vehicles

44 Tonne Articulated Lorries to Double Drive Units

Haulage is an incredibly important part of the day to day running of your business. It is the way in which your goods and services reach the final consumer and contribute to your revenue stream. In other words, the overall success of your business. If you were to encounter an issue with the transportation of your goods then this would create problems for your business. There is no need to worry however as Yuill & Dodds are here to provide a dedicated, efficient haulage service so you can get on with the job of making a great product. We are proud members of both the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Fleet Transport Association (FTA) which verifies and supports our credentials in the industry. Our partner company, SWT Hire Solutions Ltd, specialises in long and short-term hire of 44 tonne articulated lorries which are available to clients. These vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected as well as being designed around the diversity of the company. They are available for the wide variety of operations and tasks our customers require them for. We also operate a number of double drive units so that the vehicles can be driven off road such as in landfill sites as well as 6 x 2 units which ensure maximum payload when running on motorways. All of our units are equipped with sleeper cabs and are driven by a team of fully trained, experience drivers. They are also fitted with on-board weighing systems which ensure units only take to the road when fully loaded thereby increasing efficiency for you and reducing journeys which is better overall for the environment.

At Yuill & Dodds, we firmly believe any successful company can only operate with staff that have knowledge, experience and expertise. That is why all of our workers are fully-qualified and highly-skilled to provide a reliable haulage service for you and deliver your goods on time. The result is a service that will give you peace of mind and enable you to commit fully to your company.

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